Project House for Students in Concepción – Key Person: Sister Beni

The nuns of Imaculada Concepción run an old school where they teach to the adolescents up to the end of compulsory education. Many girls study for three years in Center of Saladillo (also run by nuns), but their future has no access to the labour market. Some wish to continue their studies in order to build a dignified life, not also to make money but to create a culture that can defend their right in life. They can attend the university in Concepción, but they can not find a safe place to live and study in peace.

Novacaritas, along with the nuns, restructured and transformed some unused spaces into small rooms to be rented to these girls during their study period.

After preparing a project with an engineer, today the work is done, and Novacaritas is proud and happy to have realized a safe place for these girls.

The structure created, complete with furniture and all the necessary, can accommodate about 20 girls.