Mato Grosso

Project School in Aldeia Barbecho of Chiquitanos – Key Person: Marluce

Chiquitanos are indigenous people who have been living for centuries in Mato Grosso forest. They have a culture of deep respect for all that lives and gives life. Brazilian government, however, does not consider them and is causing them a slow and violent extinction by allowing corporations to invade their territories, destroy forests and exploit natural resources.

Father Aloir, a Jesuit and anthropologist, works with the help of three nuns in these aldeie (small villages) with a pastoral and educational behaviour.

Novacaritas wanted to contribute by funding the construction of a school in aldeia Barbecho, not far from Bolivia. It was therefore possible to buy all the material needed to build the infrastructure (the labor was performed free of charge by the residents under the direction of a qualified mason).

It is a school where the boys learn the basics and also to play the violin: it is an ancient tradition, imported by the first Jesuits arrived in these lands. The music is of fundamental importance because it is the element that links the different ethnic groups, creates and develops a popular force to defend their rights.