Carlo’s dream

Carlo Novarese, a successful businessman in the textile industry, always had a dream: to help children in need to have a decent life. So, at a certain point in his life, Carlo decided to provide its expertise to undertake this new challenge.

Thanks to contacts made in various parts of Brazil, Carlo has taken many trips to realize his project: there was so much to do!
The first aid started in 2011, well organized and structured by his son Alberto, in 2011, that officially created the non-profit Novacaritas Foundation. Alberto, with the help of Giorgio, a close friend of his father, made official what he had in mind: to create a non-profit organization that, through funds allocated annually, would be able to give a concrete help.

As of the Articles of Association, the Novacaritas Foundation aims to:

Pursue exclusively charitable purposes, promote and financially support projects both in Italy and in the world, aimed at social care, education and training for disadvantaged people and give aid to operational entities to alleviate the problem of hunger in poor countries.