San Paolo

Project Education in São Paulo – Key Person: Sister Mara

The project aims to help children, adolescents and young people.

  • Almost 250 children in preschool from age 4 to age 6 who attend the nursery at the Center Obra Social. They have a children’s playground, a very well organized library and they learn while they’re having fun.
  • 130 Teenagers, divided into 2 groups. They attend various activities (program “Oficinas”,  ”Viva a Vida”), cooking classes, computer science, theater, reading, creative games, educational behavior and many others.

Novacaritas helps by offering lunch and snack to all the students. There is need of more spaces, the waiting list is very long.

About 90 young people have access to university courses and technical courses every year. They now have the hope and the will to change the reality of their daily lives and to build a life full of dignity. So far there are 940 young people who graduated and now are employed.

This Novacaritas Project covers also the Center of the Obra Social located in the favela Coreia. It works as an afterschool: the Center, called Nova Esperanza, is attended by 120 teenagers, divided into two groups, one who attend in the morning and one in the afternoon. All children benefit from a very nutritious meal.